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For our final flight this trip, we flew on Aeroflot Business class. Aeroflot uses a couple of business lounges; Jazz and Blues. We only had 45 mins to use the lounge so we picked one and it was Jazz Business Lounge at Sheremetyevo Airport. Both of these lounges are part of the Priority Pass network; which explains why they can be a bit overcrowded. The lounge has several seating areas with different styles of seats.

Here’s the reception area you see as soon as you exit the elevator on the 4th floor.

This is the larger area of the lounge with comfortable chairs around dining tables and also bar style seats across from the food and beverage buffet.

Seating area.

Another seating area.

Jazz Business Lounge

Small kids play area.

Jazz Business Lounge

Massage chairs.

The food and drink options weren’t great.

jazz business lounge

Jazz Business Lounge

Jazz Business Lounge Sheremetyevo Airport:

The Jazz Business Lounge at Sheremetyevo Airport is not great. I would say it’s good enough to get a small snack and a bottle of water or soda and go to your gate. There’s a shower available which is a good option if you’re connecting through Sheremetyevo Airport so you can take a quick shower and change before your next flight. Otherwise, it’s not a lounge to spend extended amount of time in before your flight.


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