major loyalty programs

The first sentence of step 1 in my Miles and Points Beginners Guide I say: “First step is for you to open accounts with all the major loyalty programs out there.”  In my guide, I list many of the major airline and hotel loyalty programs with links that direct you to their sign up page. There are tons of loyalty programs out there and you’ll definitely not use all of them. However, there’s no harm in signing up for loyalty programs even if you don’t think you’ll use them. First of all they’re all free to join. Second, you’ll get periodic emails of some of their promotions whether on flight deals or purchasing their miles for cheap. Then, there’s the best reason of all…. Free Miles!

major loyalty programs

As you may or may not know, Alaska Airlines just bought out Virgin America and they just merged together as a company and joined their mileage programs. The best part is; if you are a member of both programs before December 5th 2016, you’ll receive a bonus 10,000 Alaska miles as a “thank you”.

Unexpected Benefit of Joining Major Loyalty Programs:

Email from Alaska Airlines

Your memberships with Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ and Virgin America Elevate are paying off.

To celebrate your two favorite airlines coming together, we’ve awarded you 10,000 Mileage Plan bonus miles.

Redeem your miles on Alaska, Virgin America, or our global partner airlines to over 900 destinations worldwide. And, get 30% more miles when you convert your Elevate points to Mileage Plan miles.



Bottom Line:

Whether you see yourself using a certain airline or hotel or not, I recommend joining as many major loyalty programs as you can. There’s no harm in doing so and it’s always free to join. You can go to my Step 1 in the Miles and Points Beginners Guide and link over from there. It will take you only a few minutes to join. You never know what benefit or promotion you receive just by being a member of an airline or hotel that you thought you’d never use.


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