get up to 50% bonus alaska miles

Alaska Airlines Miles are one of the most valuable airline miles out there. Right now you can get up to 50% bonus Alaska miles when you buy their Mileage Plan Miles from now through September 29. You can log in here to see exactly how much bonus you’ll get since sometimes these high percentage bonuses are targeted. I only received the 40% bonus offer and not the 50%.

get up to 50% bonus alaska miles

The bonus is on a tier system as follows:

get up to 50% bonus alaska miles

(This is based on my promotion of 40%)

0–9,000 miles                = No bonus
10,000 – 19,000 miles = 20% bonus
20,000 – 49,000 miles = 30% bonus
50,000 – 60,000 miles = 40% bonus

This means that when you buy 60,000 miles you will get a total of 84,000. The total cost will be $1,773.75 – That’s an AMAZING price for what you can do with these miles.

get up to 50% bonus alaska miles

How to maximize your purchased miles?

Before the major devaluation of Emirates redemptions that happened a few months ago, I would’ve said your best use would be redeeming your miles for business or first class trips on Emirates to the Middle East/Africa/Asia. However, now your best use would be first class or business class trips on Cathay Pacific or Business class on Alaska’s relatively new partner Hainan Airlines.

get up to 50% bonus alaska miles
Cathay Pacific First Class

84,000 Alaska miles is more than enough miles to get you all the way to Sydney with a stopover in Hong Kong in business class on Cathay Pacific for only 60,000 or First class for 80,000 miles

get up to 50% bonus alaska miles
Alaska Airlines Award Chart for Cathay Pacific

Here’s a sample pricing of a one-way trip between New York JFK and Sydney through Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific Airlines in first class:

get up to 50% bonus alaska miles

As you can see, you can get to Sydney in one of top first class products in the world for $1,773.75 when you buy Alaska miles. Otherwise this trip would cost you more than $13,000!! Keep in mind, Alaska airlines doesn’t limit how many miles you can buy. You can only buy 60,000 pre-bonus miles in a single transaction, but you can buy unlimited miles over several transactions. This means that, if you double up on this bonus offer and buy 120,000 pre-bonus miles (168,000 total miles) split over two transactions; you can get to Sydney and back in Cathay Pacific first class for “only” $3,547.5. Otherwise, the same trip would cost you close to $23,000 if bought with cash! 🙂

Bottom Line:

This is a great deal from Alaska Airlines. As I explained above, you can get an insanely luxurious trip for ~$3,500 instead of ~$23,000!! That’s a discount of about %85  – I think that’s amazing!! 🙂 However, I don’t generally recommend buying miles unless you have a plan to redeem them in the near future. Alaska runs these promotions a few times a year so you should wait until you have a trip coming up.

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