get tsa precheck

In light of all the news about the chaotic, never ending security lines at US airports. I figured I’d write a quick post on how to get TSA Precheck.
You can apply for TSA Precheck for $85 (every 5 years), but I recommend applying for Global Entry for $100 (every 5 years) which automatically gives you TSA Precheck as well. I’ll also explain how you can get it for “free”.

get tsa precheck

First thing you need to do is to create an account on Global Entry and fill out the lengthy application form. Don’t get discouraged when you see the number of sections this applications has. If you dedicate a few focused minutes, you can bang it out quickly.

It will take about one week or so to get conditionally approved then you’ll have to schedule an interview at the nearest Customs and Border Protection office.
Make sure you arrive on time and bring the following material with you:
– Printout of the approval letter
– Valid passport
– Valid ID or drivers license.
Once you’re at the office the process is pretty easy and quick. My wife and I applied at the same time and scheduled back to back interviews. When we arrived and told them we were husband and wife, they allowed us to do the interview together. The officer that interviewed us asked us for our drivers license and clicked around his computer for 10-15 mins without saying one word to us. We weren’t sure what was happening cause the officer at the desk next to us would ask the people she’s interviewing to confirm their name, address and a few basic identity confirmation questions. Our officer asked us nothing!! Then he took our fingerprints, gave us our Known Traveler Numbers and said congrats for getting Global Entry and that was it!

How to get TSA Precheck

After you are done with the interview you can add that Known Traveler Number to all your frequent flyer programs profile or make sure to add it whenever your making flight reservations and you’ll receive TSA Precheck when you travel on the following airlines from the US:
* Aeromexico
* Air Canada
* Alaska Airlines
* Allegiant Airlines
* American Airlines
* Cape Air
* Delta Air Lines
* Etihad Airways
* Hawaiian Airlines
* JetBlue Airways
* Seaborne Airlines
* Southwest Airlines
* Sun Country
* United Airlines
* Virgin America
* WestJet

Now to the fun part, how to get TSA Precheck for “free”?

There are a few credit cards that offer a statement credit up to $100 every 5 years when you pay for Global Entry or TSA Precheck. My favorite credit cards that offer this are the Citi Prestige and the Platinum Card from American Express both of which come with a host of many other benefits.

get tsa precheck
No one on the TSA Precheck line

Bottom Line:

Getting TSA Precheck is something you should consider getting no matter how frequently you travel. Avoiding those snaking security lines at the airport and not having to take off your shoes is totally worth the money over the 5 years, especially if you’re getting a statement credit from your credit card. I definitely recommend getting TSA Precheck through Global Entry for the extra $15.


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