japan airlines sakura lounge

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After a great flight from New York JFK, we had a four hour layover in Tokyo. We decided we were not going to venture outside and instead just hangout at the Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge. We had to go through security in order to get back to airside where the lounge is located. We arrived at the lounge a little after 1pm and I was glad to find it completely empty.

japan airlines sakura lounge
Main seating area completely empty


japan airlines sakura lounge
View from the lounge

We were completely full from our earlier flight so we didn’t checkout the food and decided to just relax. After sitting around for a few minutes, I took a quick walk around the lounge and I discovered this amazing massage chair.

japan airlines sakura lounge
Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Narita Airport – Massage Chair

This thing was incredible! There were three chairs next to each other separated by a beads curtain. My wife and I spent the next hour in these chairs and it was AMAZING! This came in handy after a 14 hour flight.

People starting coming a little while later so we moved around to checkout other quieter seating areas.
There was a nice TV room close to the restroom.

japan airlines sakura lounge
Sakura Lounge – TV Room

There was also another seating area with a few long couches instead of chairs, and that’s where we stayed for the rest of the layover.

japan airlines sakura lounge


After taking a quick nap, I decided to checkout what kind of food and beverage was available. There’s a small buffet area with mostly drinks. The only food available was soup and rice with some teriyaki sauce which was very flavorful and delicious.

japan airlines sakura lounge

The lounge had a business center with a bunch of computers and a printer. I kind of don’t get the idea of having a business center in airport lounges. I think nowadays everyone doing business on the road will have heir own laptops and I believe all lounges now have free wifi. Maybe I’m missing something – have you ever used a business center in an airport lounge?

japan airlines sakura lounge
Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge – Business Center

Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge Bottom Line

The lounge is very functional and comfortable. My only comment is I would’ve like more food options. Other than that, I didn’t mind hanging out there for four hours which is kind of a long time. By the time I enjoyed the massage chair, made some phone calls, checked social media, ate – it was time to go onto our next flight to Hong Kong.


Have you been to the Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge at Narita Airport? What was your experience like? You can comment below and If you have any questions tweet me @pointspointers or email me at pointspointers@gmail.com

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  1. Was this lounge open to all JAL travelers – including economy? And do you know if this space closes at a certain time? I’ll be travelling with my elderly parents with a 14-hour layover in Narita and we are wondering about the availability of the lounge there. Thank you!

  2. Ramy

    Hi Tracie, I know that premium economy passengers have access and some economy passengers have access too with the following disclaimer from their website “Not eligible for a certain category of Economy Saver Flex fare.” I would definitely visit and see what they tell you at the reception

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