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I decided to do this “sticky post” on here to welcome my new readers and help you navigate through my blog.

A little over a year ago I would’ve never imagined booking a business class flight for me and my wife unless we intentionally saved thousands of dollars and didn’t travel for a few of years in order to fit our yearly travel budget. Then I was introduced to the world of credit cards, miles and points through several travel blogs. Over the course of a few months I have acquired an overload of information and was able to accumulate close to 1,000,000 miles and points in my first year without having to travel one mile on a plane.


Earning a ton of valuable miles and points will not only help you travel more but it will help you travel better. You will be able to enjoy a more luxurious means of travel in business or first class and instead of dreading a long haul flight from New York to China, now this flight will be an integral part of your travel experience. How many times have you wasted a day or two after reaching your destination because you’re either dead tired or super jet lagged. With proper use of points and miles, you will be greeted with a more friendly crew and a glass of champagne while you settle in your wider, more comfortable seat that turns into a flat bed when you need to snooze in order to reach your destination refreshed and energetic.

Japan Airlines Business Class review

Now that I save money on airfare and hotels by using points, my travel budget has expanded and I can spend more money on other experiences such as entertainment, dining, excursions and tours.

Getting Started.

I’ve put together a Beginners Guide to help you get started. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of questions after going through it but it is a great place to start your action plan for collecting miles and points. You can always reach me with your questions on twitter, instagramFacebook or email:

If you have further questions about how to use miles and points to book your own vacation or trip, fill out the “Book Award Travel” form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What to expect from Points Pointers?

Most of what you’ll find here will be related to points and miles. You’ll find me posting about how to earn points through different methods and how to use these points to maximize their redemption value. I’ll also share my trip reports where I’ll review different airport lounges, flights and hotels. Every now and then I’ll also share my experiences at certain travel destinations where I’ll recommend some sights to see, places to visit and restaurants to try.

Thank you for stopping by and hope you find this blog helpful.