American premium economy

American Airlines just made a very interesting announcement. Starting late next year you’ll be able to experience the new American Premium Economy class on select international flights.

American premium economy

In the words of American Airlines:

We’re the first U.S. airline to introduce Premium Economy on international routes — raising the bar even higher for global travel. Enjoy spacious seating with extra leg room, wider seats, enhanced dining, personal on-demand entertainment, amenities such as eye shades and more.

Premium Economy will be available on our international fleet in late 2016 with the delivery of our new Boeing 787-900 Dreamliner. We will then phase in Premium Economy to all 777, 787, A330 and A350 aircraft in the future.

This is certainly exciting news that gives customers a variety of seating options fitting different budgets.

Here are the new American Premium Economy features:

According to information from American’s websites dedicated to this announcement, this is more than just legroom. The new American Premium Economy will offer enhanced dining, better amenities and more to enrich your overall travel experience.

Here are some screen shots from their virtual tour:

american premium economy seat


american premium economy legroom


american premium economy legrest


american premium economy dining


american premium economy entertainment


american premium economy amenities


american premium economy power outlets


american premium economy wifi


You can find more information on the new American Premium Economy at these links:


I’m curious to see how American will integrate the Premium Economy class in upgrades. It will be very upsetting if they limit systemwide upgrades to the “next class of service”. This might mean you’d upgrade from economy to premium economy. And you’ll have to purchase a premium economy  fare if you want to upgrade to business.

I’m also looking forward to see how they’ll handle award travel. As of now you can’t book premium economy on partner airlines with AAdvantage miles. Now, it’ll be interesting to see how they’ll price premium economy awards.

Bottom Line:

This is definitely a move in the right direction from American Airlines especially after the disappointing news not too long ago. It is also nice to see American be in the front of the other U.S. airlines in terms of “innovation” – notice the air quotes :). Premium Economy has been a feature in a lot of international airlines some of which are partners with American such as British Airways and Qantas. It is about time that a U.S airline introduces them and I can easily see Delta and United follow suit in the future.


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