I’ve had the Citi Premier card for quiet some time now and I really enjoy using it for the bonus categories such as 3X for travel (including gas, which is big for me since I do a lot of driving and spend a lot on gas per month). When I first got the card, I was very pleased with the new design having the magnetic strip on the front and the name, account number and chip on the back looked very cool and unique.

Old Prestige Card Old Premier Card

Citi Prestige and Citi Premier with magnet on the front side


However, I quickly discovered that it was very confusing using the card since we are creatures of habit. I’ve been used to swiping credit cards a certain way for so long and I almost never swiped the Citi Premier card the correct way from the first time. It was even more bothersome when I hand the card over to a cashier and have to explain to them that the magnetic strip is on the opposite side and the card has to be flipped over.

New Citi PrestigeNew Citi Premier

Citi Prestige and Citi Premier with magnet in the back and now name and chip are brought to the front


It seems like a lot of Citi customers complained about this new design and kudos to Citi for listening and actually doing something about it. Today, I called the number on the back of my card and asked for a replacement card with the magnetic strip on the back like normal credit cards. The customer service representative was very helpful and went ahead and overnighted both, the Citi Prestige and Citi Premier cards with no shipping fees. I wasn’t really bothered as much with the Citi Prestige since I don’t swipe it often because I use it primarily for the Complimentary 4th night Hotel and Resort program


H/T: Doctor of Credit