Back in August Alaska started offering up to 40% bonus miles when you buy their Mileage Plan Miles.

Alaska Miles 40% Bonus

Alaska Miles 40% Bonus is on a tier system as follows:

Buy 10,000 – 19,000 miles and get 20% bonus miles

Buy 20,000 – 39,000 miles and get 30% bonus miles

Buy 40,000 miles and get 40% bonus miles

 This means that when you buy 40,000 miles you will get a total of 56,000. The total cost will be $1,182.5.

 What in my opinion is the best use for your Alaska Miles?

Emirates Airlines first class

One of the many partners of Alaska Airlines is Emirates Airlines. For “only” 200,000 miles you can get to Asia or Europe via Dubai in Emirates First Class RoundTrip!

Alaska Air Book with Miles

With this promotion 200,000 miles will cost you about $4,223 (which is not cheap) but compared to the $16,425 for the same fare if you bought it outright, it is a steal!!

Note: You can buy 40,000 miles (56,000 total) per transaction. But you can do as many transactions as you need. You just can’t use the same credit card to purchase these miles for more than 4 transactions per 30 day period (The transactions are processed through which means you won’t get any travel bonus categories if you use your Chase Sapphire Preferred or Premier Gold from American Express)

Bottom Line:

This is a great deal from Alaska Airlines. However, I don’t generally recommend buying miles unless you have a plan to redeem them in the near future. Alaska runs these promotions a few times a year so you should wait until you have a trip coming up.

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