Amazing Deals at RocketMiles!! A great way to maximize earning during hotel stays is booking your hotel through a service like RocketMiles.  Make sure you already have an account with the Frequent Flyer Miles program you want to earn bonus miles with.

Earn Airline Miles from Hotel Stays

Rocket Miles offers hotel stays at the same rates as other agencies and on top that you get some extra bonus Airline Miles to a program of your choice.

 One of my favorite Airline Miles Programs is AAdvantage which is running an amazing promotion with Rocket Miles. You must use this link to get this deal.

 Here are some of the really lucrative bonus miles deals you can get from a 4 night stay in November.

 New York:

Rocket miles New York

Los Angeles:

Rocket Miles Los Angeles


Rocketmiles Dallas

Bottom Line:

 Since I love earning as many miles as I can, using Rocketmiles is an easy way to earn some extra bonus miles through hotel stays that you were going to book anyway. It always pays to check RocketMiles before booking a hotel stay and always book through them as long as they offer the same low rates as other travel agencies.

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