Emirates Airlines

Emirates already has a few ultra long haul flights. Currently the Dubai – Los Angeles flight is the airlines longest and the world’s fourth longest non-stop flight. This is flight number EK215 with a distance of 8,339 miles and a duration of 16 hr and 35 min operated by one of many A380-800 that Emirates own.

 Right now Qantas holds the title of the world’s longest airline route. Qantas current route is nonstop A380 flight between Sydney and Dallas, which covers a distance of 8,578 miles in just under 17 hours.

qantas a380

On February 1st, 2016 Emirates will over take Qantas with their new scheduled route from Dubai to Panama City. This will be Emirates first destination in Central America. the route will be operated daily by a Boeing 777-200LR, with the following schedule:

EK251 Dubai to Panama City departing 8:05AM arriving 4:40PM

EK252 Panama City to Dubai departing 10:10PM arriving 10:55PM (+1 day)

 The Dubai to Panama City flight will cover a distance of 8,588 miles which means it wins by only 10 miles.

Emirates Airlines

The Emirates 777-200LR will sport 8 first class suites

Emirates Airlines first class

42 business class seats

Emirates Airlines business class

and 216 economy class seats.

Emirates Airlines economy class