American Airlines Miles

American Airlines is offering up to 35% off purchased miles through September 3rd 2015.

American Airlines Miles

The more miles you buy the higher the discount you get which means you get a better value for your money. The total cost of 100,000 miles through this promotion would be about $2,090 including taxes and fees. Which gives you the rate of about 2.9 cents per mile.

 This deal might be good or bad depending on how you intend to use the miles. A perfect example would be a redemption I just made on Cathay Pacific and Japan Airlines, both are One World partners of American Airlines. for 55,000 American Airlines Miles I got a one-way ticket in business class on Japan Airlines from JFK to NRT on their boeing 787-8 then connecting to HKG a few hours later all on the same booking. I used another 55,000 American Airlines Miles to get a business class one-way ticket on Cathay Pacific from BKK-HKG-JFK.

 These tickets would’ve otherwise cost me around $7,750  so for $2,090 this is a steal (you would already have to have the additional 10,000 miles in your account because American only allows you to purchase 100,000 miles per calendar year not including bonus miles which is not the case for this promotion)

Bottom Line:

This is a great deal if you have an immediate redemption and you need the extra miles. Otherwise, American offers deals on purchased miles pretty frequently

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