I’m always looking for ways to maximize my points and miles earning. And I love the feeling every month when my points earned through various spending on my array of credit cards post. However, two of my highest spending categories were not available for credit card payments, Rent and Student Loans. That’s until I was introduced to Plastiq.

Plastiq is a card-based payment service that allows its customers to use credit cards to pay bills where credit card payment is otherwise not allowed.

Plastiq normally charges 2.5% service fee. For a limited time, Plastiq is offering a reduced rate of 1.99% for their new customers when you pay using American Express or MasterCard.




– The sign up process is easier than ever and very intuitive.

– There are no credit checks so you don’t have to worry about affecting your credit score.
– The promotional rate has no set expiration date yet, so make sure you sign up soon.
– In order to lock in the promotional rate you can set up recurring payments, and you’d still be allowed      to change your payment method if you need to.

Bottom Line:
This is definitely a great service as long as you value the points earned higher than the amount of fees you’ll incur. If you’ll earn 50,000 American Airlines Miles a year through this service and incur $1,000 in fees. You can use these miles for a one-way business class to Asia on American Airlines One World partners which is worth a lot more than $1,000.


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